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Thursday, April 7, 2011

What if I never married?

What if I never married?

Never finding the love of my life
Only to spend the remainder of my days
In the dark confinement of my loneliness
Never to meet my match
Wandering in the infinite abyss of wonder
The wonder of my imagination
The seemingly endless waves of wonder
Thinking would I ever meet her?
Entangled by the suspenseful mystery of hope
A weak, faint hope
Like a slowly rupturing rope
On it's last threads
My heart would be crushed by the senseless weight of isolation
Tortured by the peculiarity of my introspection
Deceived by the subjectivity of my feeling
Robbed and abandoned
Like a house ransacked by a thief in the night
Left with a vague memory
Of what it is like to have something valuable
How could I bear another day
Experiencing the canyon of emptiness
Echoing throughout the hollowness of my heart?
Is anyone there?
No, no one is there...
No love
Only a desert
Severely parched
With nothing to quench its thirst
There would I be
In this desert under the sun
And there I would wither away
Knowing that my heart would forever be a barren wasteland
Without tree, without fruit
And nothing of life.

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  1. I love that you're married to your creativity/muse enough to do the April PAD... thanks for sharing!