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Monday, April 30, 2012

April Whispers-May Daze

April Whispers-May Daze

I whispered into her ear
hopelessly, in wistful undertone
But she quickly turned away
evanesced before my eyes
My words never reaching
her inner ear fade softly
into May daze

An April PAD Song

An Assembled symphony
An April PAD song
A sensational vibration
Thirty days long
Still echoing

Ella Muse

Ella Muse

She comes
to visit
in red
but the

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Problem With Kids

The problem with kids is that
They often come without a manual.

The problem with kids is that
they're so adorably wicked
bite-size cuties.

The problem with kids is
that they're many times insufferable
and yet so approachable.

The problem with kids is that
They don't normally come with extended warranty

The problem with kids is that they
can be insidiously inconvenient and constant botheration.

The problem with kids is that
they're so precious you're temporarily
deluded to birth another

The problem with kids is that they're
notoriously naughty always on the most wanted mommies and daddies list.

The problem with kids is that they
grow up to be just like us.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

April Goodbyes

April Goodbyes

I'm ready.
Lips pursed,
Puckered steady.
Kiss me...
Goodbye April PAD.

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Trouble is keeping the Fire going

The Trouble is keeping the Fire going

Who is the author of this April PAD ardor?
With combustible talent, just who could be the starter?
Not in concurrent flames existing that burn side by side
But of collective spirit enkindled, conveying collaborative stride 
Daily prompts, daily poets, daily cheer, daily views
A sightly thirty day ignition and fruition of muse
What emission, transmission revealed in each hued ember
Every poet inflamed, incinerates precious poetical timber 
Another April PAD at the cusp, of yet another glamorous end
The only treasured thoughts year can we do it again?

Thursday, April 26, 2012



Somewhere in the night
I morphed into a sloth;
Dim blackened eyes,
Woolly-haired three toed beast.
Lanky arms slither-n-slide across the bed
With slack hand releasing
The snooze button... again.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Good Old Days

The Good Old Days

Simply no longer in the
limelight of any sort of sport
Unless you include chasing kids
before bath and bedtime.
Laid waste as the day draws
nearer to forty
than in the beginning

Now I contemplate
the hustle and bustle
of the good ol' days;
the days of old,
which were new
back then...

It was growth like a beanstalk
evergreen, with lasting foliage
dashing down the court
contesting every shot
dodging the potholes

Posting up in the paint
Ascending for the rebound
Now I hardly leave the ground
My feet pain of fasciitis

My knees scream retire
Nothing left in these old tires
The air of youth has rescinded
From this old vehicle
And the weight born
Wears with every mile

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Ashes     (anti-love poem)

It was nothing less than
your hazardous double-edged
discernment that hacked us into pieces.

Our lingering hopes were shredded
by your serrated attitudes.
Our marriage, was irreconcilably minced.

Our union reduced to sawdust;
clambered in the wind
and scattered like chaff.

Addled Attraction

Addled Attraction

I love your sass
And sarsaparilla hips
Luscious, dark raven locks
Sauced, glistening lips
Those thick thunderous thighs
With nothing left undisguised
But only to your surprise
Do I say, do you love me?

Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

Just another minute...
I definitely don't want to leave you.
With you, I'm so comfortable.
Deluded by buoyant embrace.
So, so drawn to your softness, cuddlesome character.
When I'm with you, I'm weightless.
And my cozen bones whisk away...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Miss Morning

Miss Morning

In the womb of the dawn
Morning awakens
With fierce arising
From the depths of night unkept
With bounteous hope in her ray
Gathering spring in her step
Splashing emergent newness
Nascent quickening day
Scattering darkness
Piercing forest, leaf, limb
Fully pacing, hastening her way
Racing for miles
Smiling and giving smiles away

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Unreliable Minds

Unreliable Minds

The mind works by knowledge
When knowledge is lacking
It operates under free assumption
That holds no truth
But rather fallacious fabrications
That lead to irrational conception
Issuing in unreliable misjudgment

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Supplier of Life

Supplier of Life

Precious is the heart
the invigorating muscle of the human body
Constantly handling our life blood
day in, day out

Effortlessly dispensing
the precious life juice
to every cell in need
fostering growth, function

Precious is the heart, the enduring ox
that only knows to labor
showing no tire
knowing no fatigue



Brick by brick conjoined,
Layered cellular beauties
Perform their duty
Interdependently well
In multi-cellular tune

The Time will Come

The Time will Come
The end is near
at the doors
the end of life
as we know it
the end of strife
as we show it
the end is near
for the proud
the low, the naughty
the time will arise
for the humble
arrogant, the haughty
the time will come
and the sun will shine
with rays of healing
in His wings
these are true words

Uninvited Guest

Uninvited Guest
Arctic winds push
Sly wintry mixes
Weathering limb, life
Feathery masses
Of crystal flake
Dominate the landscape
Dressed in snow white blankets

Friday, April 20, 2012

Let's Write something

Let's Write something

I'm willing but my mind is void
The muse is not open yet
My words have abandoned me
And have gone astray
...time for coffee

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Still Quietness

Still Quietness

It's almost been a month
since I've last seen you...
In a casket, coated with make up
Dressed in silence and your favorite
beige suit.  I won't lie, it was quite burdensome
to see death reigning over your mortal body
feigning a smile splayed across your face

For as long as my soul has known you
You've always been a busy man
But here, you're forever settled...
Laid silent, in still quietness.
In this, Dad, rest in  peace

Sweet Potato Palace

Breakfast in bed
With sweet potato pie
Paradise on earth
My, oh my
Please tuck me in
In sweet potato skins
With Marshmallow pillows
Let the games begin
Hand over the cinnamon
And please pass the potato
Grab your popcorn
And watch this rodeo


The earthlings
Have begun their poem-a-day challenge. What shall we do?
Quickly, confuse the muse
And zap them with writers block...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Slow Cooker

Slow Cooker

A little love, a little hate
quantified sufferings
mingled with joy
Cracked hopes
spilled together
into one vessel
stirred with emotion

Measured spices
sprinkled stress
a dash of sweetness
a pinch of strife
seasoned by
lengthy lessons of life

Sunday, April 15, 2012

This Old Bag of a Balloon

This Old Bag of a Balloon

Give me those primal cheeks, those irresistible charming buttons
and don't turn away,
but let me clasp your cuteness betwixt thumb and index...
yes, palpable pleasures, indeed enjoyed, compressed, still squeezed.

Let me see your winning countenance
display those genuine sizzling smiles
slashing self's misery straps
once thickened with constraining wiles

Now this old bag of a balloon
is released in the joy of your unmasked face
now this old bag of a balloon
re-inflated with your effervescent child-like grace

Kick Return

Broadened shoulders blink,
Hungry to lower the boom.
Squandered chances flee;
Slick return man has less room.
Any last words for your tomb?

The Old Chum

Hook, line, and sinker.
We got a big one captain!
She might sink the boat...
Certain to gladden the bowel.
Make haste and gut the old chum.

Tanka Twister

Tanka form challenge
In the eye of the storm moves
Deliberately in style
Collectively gathering
Strength from each poet for miles

Brisance of Life

Underground barren
Improbable to be seen
Tiny tulip bulbs
Brighten the odds patiently
Unto brisance of life green

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Love Me or Love Me Not

Love Me or Love Me Not

Love me or love me
not. Our sullied hearts entwine,
Love's affliction knot--
Tighten, clench: two halves made one
in unison's cord and song.

Multiple Myeloma

Multiple Myeloma

Rest in peace, Father.
Candy apple insurgents
Riddled and ransacked-
Intrinsically hijacked your
Life-blood, precious bone, essence.

Household Bonanza

Household Bonanza
Household Bonanza
And buttermilk pleasures
Daddy Discovers
Many diapered treasures
Gift wrapped tightly
And handled with care
Emanating golden treats
Has filled the air

Something stirred

Something stirred
I prefer something
stirred, mingled with warmth
something with pizazz
With spice
But free of sugar
Free of ice
Something that dazzles
Yet cool to calm the senses
Something with oil of Bergamot
That old Earl grey
Subdues all the tension

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Something Blank, Something Written

Something Blank

But pure
Yet inviting
Clean, fresh

Something Written 

Written by life experiences
Tattered, withered, worn
Word by word suffices
Every line, every scorn
Blemished with another pen
Saturated again and again

Cluttered, congested
This page hardly contested
No room for your words
New mind, inks or thought
For indelible oldness
ineffaceably has been wrought

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Forest Tree Menu

Forest Tree Menu

Black Cherry "Cordial"
"Delicious" Dogwoods
Orange "Sherbet" Oak
"Lemon" Spruce
"Double Chocolate" Rocky Mountain Birch
Yellow "Pineapple" Spruce
Australian "Pecan" Pine
"Blueberry" Beech
Rum Cherry "Coke"
Custard Apple "Tart"
Big-leaf Maple "Syrup"
Black Walnut "Bon Bons"
Cinnamon Oak "Bars"

Spring Stampede

Spring Stampede
Resurgent foliage
Populates the fruitful bough
Overcrowding trees harboring
Rich growth, expanding free
Rising tide of the ocean spring
In luminous astral green

Immortal Evergreen

Immortal Evergreen
He was such a tiny sapling
Tinged with youth
Exposed to the elements
But like his predecessors
His roots prevailed
Seizing the earth
Beneath deepening
His post fixed
Into immortal evergreen
Perennial paradise

Slivered Shades

Slivered Shades
Quickened silhouettes
Spin in concert
In slivered shades of reality
Mirroring self
While in the ray
If those blessed streams of light
Dismiss their presence
The silhouettes mist
And our dark shadow
Becomes reality

Sunday, April 8, 2012



My boy, so stunningly resistant
This perky child simply refuses to sleep
My own flesh and blood
Adorably defiant
Makes constant nonsensical shrieks
Powered by youth
These resilient rabbits
Bounding, breaking every waking rule
Have elastic will
Perfectly capable and well intended to rule
But every day the same, is well measured
In the end, every child subdued, simply just lies still

Saturday, April 7, 2012



She was elderly, greyed with wisdom
Silvered with life experiences
He, on the other hand, was a young lad,
A timid little sapling moist with morning's fresh dew
His leaflets unfurled, His buds blossoming anew
These two met in a home for seniors who immediately 
Struck an affinity for one another's company
She was aphasic, robbed of the spoken word
From a previous stroke that left 
It's impression upon her speech
Which was largely garbled and unintelligible at best
But they always were on the same page and never missed a beat
He understood her furrowed brow, her lively gestures, her brilliant index
Most importantly, he understood her heart
So they lived, they loved, they laughed
And boy, did they laugh
The boy had many friends and acquaintances there in that home
But She was always His favorite read
They had a grand old time whenever they were together
Day by day, page by page they had many chapters 
And together they wrote a bestseller


Under the covers
On a cold rainy day
Shrug the world aside
Keeping piece of mind
While my soul's at play
Curled warm
Under comforter
Coiled, cozy
Where all is at ease
Where nothing can oppose me
Life on pause, responsibility
On freeze
Undercover at last
Under simmering
Cinnamon satin sheets
Doing skin good pleasures
Like bon bons, truffles, treats
Now the only dilemma
And now the only feat
Is selection of the
Next book to read
The Power of Six?
Or the Hunger Games?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Lurking Shadows

One of life's greatest joys 
was to scare my poor little mother.

Lurking Shadows

Lurking, lurking shadows
Go creep, creep, creep
Prowling boys stealth gamble 
Unhinged mothers
Weep, weep, weep

Veiled deadly assassins 
With hollow hearts
And ghostly eyes
With deucedly sinister schemes
Profound in element of surprise

Yet these skilled vigilantes
In concealment 
These canny masters of disguise
Seek not the pleasure of hiding, but
Horrified mommies and their cries


Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Origin of Poetry?

The Origin of Poetry? 

a vessel in the potter's hand
tailored to his pleasure
conformed to his demand
how does it so sooth?
this revelation and fruition of muse?
such poetical device
such delicacy of word
such contrivance of heart
begotten two-winged bird
flown throughout the ages
by quill, pens, and pages
a literary contagious art
who can tell, from hence did it start?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

100% BEEF: Stem Cell Burgers

100%  BEEF:  Stem Cell Burgers

The reviews are in...
All are raving for
the 1.2 inch
mouth watering
100% beef stem-sation!

What are you
waiting for?
Come now and satisfy
your petri dish palate
with rich 0.5 gram dining pleasurables

Special offer
Only $330,000.00
For limited time only
It's simply lab-delicious
Get it now!

*Fat grown separately

April PAD day 4

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Birds of a Different Song

Birds of a Different Song

You know,  I'm really sorry things never
materialized when we were together
I guess mere attraction doesn't
mean love after all
And if we were ever "love birds"
We never took flight
Rather our wings were clipped
Scratch, claw, fight
And there was no song between us
Just birds of a foreign feather
My fickleness, your weather
My paycheck, your pleasure
My macho tendency, your insecurities
My vindication, your javelins
My containment, your unravelings
We were never meant to be
Separated, divorced
And now we're three
I hope you find
that love song
in the bird
you so

April PAD day 3

Another Route

Another Route

I'll be damned if I apologize
In this lifetime or in the next
By phone, in person, with rose or with text

By golly who do you think I am?
I don't do "I'm sorry" green eggs and ham
Like some mindless marble or some spineless brute
Ain't seekin' your forgiveness, but got another route
I've jumped that plane in full gear, parachute
And sure as hell ain't losin' no sleep
Over you...

April PAD day 3

Sunday, April 1, 2012



Dear Dad,

I regret the fact that I missed your passing...
March 20, 2012-- 5:20 am 
Even though I endured a long and hardy 31 hour trek,
1800 miles non-stop across 8 states without sleep-- 
I still missed you by three hours.
You were so close, yet so far away,
so untouchable, unreachable.
and now this moment would be unforgettable,
indelibly etched, engraved on my heart
cracked and riven.

You had already made your departure from
"Heaven on earth" as you called it, Arizona.
the moment I received that text and
those words flashed across my cell:
"Dad passed this morning," was nothing less than Hell on Earth.
Down the 17, through the San Francisco peaks, 
across Happy Valley road without a smile,
it seemed like it would never end--
skirting mountain after mountain, I envied their stability,
jealous over their steadfastness,
while I toppled over in anguished tearful tyranny
hemmed in by desert lands parched and deprived 
while I lie soused in a sea of hapless emotion...

But I knew it was your time to go.
my only regret is that I wish we could've  connected more.

Anyways, I love you, Dad.