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Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Snapshot of the Human Heart

If I could enter into your heart
A bounteous place where would I start?

If in your mind what would I find?
Or in your will could I be still?

In your love or in your hate
Through every hall, clear every gate

Would I slide across complex emotion?
Roller coaster? Or smooth like lotion?

If I could penetrate down to the core
Breach every barrier, escape every door

As an Olympic diver who jumps and takes
A spin, a twist, a splash in hearts' lake

Sifting water quickly descending deep
Capturing hearts' images to delete or keep

Standing in the basement of your heart
Scanning carefully, every inch, every part

Could I take snapshots and see the real you?
Too unsettling If I knew what I knew?

O' the labyrinth of the mind
O' the labyrinth of the heart
If I could search your inner being
Where would I start?

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