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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Autobiography of a Fetus

Autobiography of a Fetus
a thick encroaching darkness
Yet there is no fear within me
Rather, it's enveloping comfort keeps me warm
And safe
And I know that nothing can disturb my excellent repose
I know nothing else and no one but this darkness

But I feel a presence
even though I cannot see
Like there is someone with me in this darkness
Yet I am not afraid
But experience a deep cleansing comfort within me
That I am not alone in this darkness
Though I cannot see you
Somehow there is a link between us
I sense your pain, anxiety, anguish
Penetrating the range of my emotion
Nor can I evade
Your joy, happiness, and laughter
Animating my inner being
Like electricity
Pulsing through every wire
Seeking to permeate a light bulb that emanates from it's outer surface

How are we joined even though we have not met?
Our eyes have never converged
My inner ear has never heard your voice
Yet I know
That we share something intrinsically profound

In a rush my repose had escaped me
And secure warmth is suddenly abandoning me
My world is evaporating
Weakness and weeping have defiled my peace

But a swift ardor has returned and captured me
Now I feel another comfort advancing upon me
Yet not so foreign

Now encompassed in your bosom
A beautiful realization dawns
That in this strange new world
You are my mother

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