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Monday, March 5, 2012


Do you know what I fear most?
Losing you
The preciousness of
Your hazeled eyes
The fullness of your countenance
Warmth of your embrace
Intonation of your lovely voice
Loping tears down your crystal face
Even they are most desirable
Like a lion who seeks it’s prey
Like the youthful 
Dawn determined
A new and perfect day
Revealing light that bears reflection
Of ardent beauty, diamond ray
Where there is no tommorow, boundary
Permanent passion without decay
Here in the rolling meadows dancing
Where the prancing shadows are still at play
I cannot lose you now
My lovely one
On pleasure’s hill
O’ do let us stay
If we were ever separated
and you so far, far  away
I’d still tune in to love’s frequency
Electric spectrum
receive your comeliness
bask your ray
My heart is faint
And twisted
Weak and wrenched
with fear
Vulnerably contesting
this thought
but simply
unable to hear
That I would
My love

Poetic Bloomings Prompt:  Fear

Saturday, March 3, 2012



My silent sugar plum,
coatless timid terebinth,
ambrosial choice spice.  
A delicate tender lily
unaware of her
hidden green youth.
You've become quite a
towering Cedar tree.
Anchored and sightly,
while others under your
wing, your shoulder.
Deeply seated, rooted firmly
upon the earth.
The fullness of every
shadow is beneath you.
Surely I remember
the day you returned
home.  Standing in
the kitchen garbed
in militant green
Stoic and sullen faced.
You were my lamb to admonish,
wild and woolly haired
child.  My daughter.
Its hard to imagine  My once tulip,
Snow white,  now with malignant
attitude and M-16, the
insurgent metal-laden.
A lily who prefers the battlefield.
Leviathan, with an appetite
for belligerence and blood.
But you'll always
be my little sugarplum.

Sunday whirl prompt for wordle #46

Thursday, March 1, 2012



As streams of consciousness
are poured into this poor state of mind
another rude awakening begins
and the drudgery dawns
a new day

At that very moment
wishful thinking
takes on the
identity of a sloth
his day job

Yet responsibility swiftly beckons
Steep challenges eagerly await
my arrival

If only life could be on pause
Still images frame by frame
If only time and tide could wait for this man
Suspend earth on it's axis
and let me turn over
and sleep in

Prompt 44 from Poetic Bloomings:  Take a road trip

Heavyweight Champion

Heavyweight Champion

Chalk one up for cancer
The heavyweight champion
of the world

My father was no match
to go up against him
He had a good fight though

Stem cell transplant
Cocktails of medication

You put up a good fight Dad
Until Cancer came back
with a vicious jab
and devastating right hook

Knocked you off you're feet
Now you're on the canvas
Face down
And its not looking good

But we're all cheering for you Dad
Telling you to get up

In slow motion

The referee is beginning
his three count



Dad?  Please get up.

You'll always be my Champion.



Engorged and crapulous
With penned prose entrées
Savory sonnet sides
Desert haikus
And sweet wordle pies