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Tuesday, February 28, 2012



Yes, I oftentimes wish
to go  astray, to go amiss
to disappear, to vaporize
to quickly vanish
from every eye
undercover and in disguise
like secret agents and sly spies
to abruptly thin
and become a mist
momentarily I don't exist

Gas up the car honey
let's hit the road
grab the kids
and we've got a load

Pop in a CD
recline the seat
inhale the fresh morning dew
sweet rolling Amish hills
here we come!

Get lost and go amiss?
Yes! Now that would be interstate bliss.

Monday, February 27, 2012

My Mobile Haven

I love my car
My mobile haven
A paradise on wheels
And ecstasy in motion
Although when stationary
its just as therapeutic
Shifting gears to park my soul
and slightly roll the windows
allowing rich gentle sounds
of the surroundings to penetrate
my psyche and have access to
Massage my inner being
The train at  a distance
the dog barking faintly from afar
The variation of wind
from violent to soft rustle
swaying branches bushes boughs and leaf
helpless against its power
They offer no resistance
But a sweet musical yielding
that aides me through the day

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Grandma's big brownies

Grandma's big brownies

O school bell,
still reluctant to sound,
Do blast your trumpet,
and we'll be homeward bound...
Please ring, sing the tune of the end of the day,
do release us, don't tease us
do send us our way,
and let us play and stray
and sprawl across our lawns,
all the way to grandma's house
where the brownies are found.

Please Mr. School bell
It's so cumbersome to wait
as we visualize dense brownies
displayed across our plate...
What do you say O' school bell?
What is your answer?

And what do you know,
that Old bell pelts.
Yes, Mr. Bell with us has kindly dealt.

Our murmurings have ceased,
our way is mapped,
we see those brownies
splayed across our lap.

The cement was smoked
as we scurried, scrambled, poked
through the crowd,
over the fence,
across the lawn,
through the door,
all the way to grandma's house
where the brownies are found.
our tummies entranced,
and it all made sense,
it was all for grandma's
great big brownies.

From the Sunday Whirl word prompt

There is no bloom in the garden There is no bloom in the garden

There's no bloom in the garden

There's no bloom
in the garden

There's no petal
to choose, to pluck

There's no charm
for the honey bee

There's no nectar
to cherish, to suck

There's none
to dazzle the eye
or tame the senses

There's no loveliness
to keep, garb our fences

There's no bloom
to find forgiveness

There's no bloom
to romance the misses

There's no bloom
to make a supple heart
or find a fresh start

There's no bloom in the garden...

Life Hinges

Life Hinges

Once a dynamic power
Unhindered, Unlimited
Defiant in will
With no lack of strength
Second to none
And rising above others
Life hinges
Changes direction
Forward to backward
But no change in velocity
Backward, Forward
Forward, Backward
Life hinges
Changes direction
At will
Encumbered by life's changes
The pace slows
Nearer the end
Until the swing is empty
And the hinge is silent

Friday, February 24, 2012

Disregarded Beauty

Disregarded Beauty

Where has your flower gone?
Your grass has withered,
And your flower has fallen off.
Once a beauteous land,
Now a forgotten, trodden ground,
A disregarded beauty.
Who has forsaken you?
Under whose foot have you
Been trampled?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012



Sumptuous oatmeal
Pancakes soothing the palate
So puts me at ease

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Habitual Creatures

Habitual creatures
Hiding peacefully
With suspended happy habits
Hunkered down in their holes
Hardly hunted
In hibernation
Having their lives on pause