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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Maybe I should've been a lumberjack

Maybe I should've been a lumberjack

Maybe I should've been a lumberjack
Puttin' big trees upon my back

Maybe I should've bought an axe
To cut down trees in piles and stacks

Maybe I should've grown a beard
Or would you think thats too weird?

Maybe I should've bought some boots
To knock down trees, trunks and roots

Maybe I'll cut down tall trees, big trees
Oranges, apples, nuts and pears please

Maybe I'll find the biggest tree ever
And show that tree who's boss and sever

Maybe It'll just be a breeze
When I grunt, growl and bend my knees

I'll swing and swing til' the tree comes down
It's trunk and crown upon the ground

Maybe this would be too much fun
Half the time I'd be on the run

I'd find your yard and cut your trees
Slice and dice as I feel the breeze

From national forest to grand central park
around the country I'd make my mark

Or maybe I'm just talkin' too much smack
Maybe I shouldn't be a lumberjack

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