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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Minute by Minute

Minute by minute

Minute by minute
Are lives are spent
Life's joys life's sorrows
When the heart is rent

A minute of love
With a moment of thanks
A minute with the kids
With laughs and pranks

A minute to mourn
When the time has come
With a moment of mercy
If others prove dumb

I've learned to appreciate the time at hand
From minute to minute all time expands

From second to minute
From minute to hour

Not an idle second
All time has power

From hours to days
From Day to Day
Every second of every minute
Will prove our ways

From days to weeks
From weeks to years
To decades galore
Our time is near

We can't live in the past
We just have now
Don't look ahead or behind
Just hit the plow

Yesterday is gone
Let it go

Tomorrow is not here
Relinquish the fear

All we have is now
Right now
This very minute
Live it

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