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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Silver Fox and the Banana Seat

The Silver Fox and the Banana Seat

The silver fox with the banana seat
Would know no boundary, surmount defeat.

A silver-gray and black and red
Was my new bike with it's new tread.

They said, be strong, be valiant to ride--
But only to end up on my side.

We won't give up without a fight
Our only hope is to stay upright

Tried again and again without success
Fell, scraped my knees-- oh what a mess!

The two uncles began to wonder
Why I couldn't ride, why I fell like thunder;

An uncle on the left and an uncle on the right,
Stable for a moment, then took flight:

Some hope and cheers began to abound,
But only to see me hit the ground...

Two uncles left, went back inside,
They knew that I would never ride.

It was just me and the silver fox,
Some dirt, pebbles, sticks and rocks.

Off to the station to fix my flat,
On the banana seat I wish I sat,

On the way back I tried once again,
My broken riding began to mend...

The first pedal was good and then the next
They flowed like a river, they flowed like text,

Sitting like a king on my banana seat
Transcending boundary, trumping defeat--

I could not give up without a fight,
We can ride all day, we can stay upright.

In the beginning I was on my side,
But can you believe it
I began to ride!

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