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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Someone Lead Me Down PA Street

Can someone lead me down PA street?
Where the finest people, poets meet?
In dance and prance upon our feet
As we read, comment, poem, tweet
Standing still to gleam and glare
Arriving masterpieces everywhere
Yes, April's royal celebration
And a poets convocation
But please don't you think
Its a one sensation
Hand in hand
Its a poets nation
From north to south
To east and west
This PA street brings the best
Across the globe to and fro
Young and old watch them grow
Buds and blossoms, leaves not few
Fresh new words as the morning dew
A poets gold, diamonds jealous
Wise men, sages, ninjas zealous
Until I find it
I won't be complete
Can you lead me down PA street?

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