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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Toddlers, Start Your Engines

Toddlers, Start Your Engines

Mommy, you can't catch me, I'm too fast!
Much younger, much swifter, you'll never last.
My heart is flaming, my muscles tense,
A high-speed chase will soon commence--

Go ahead, mother, make your move,
Skill, elusiveness, I soon will prove.
Running, cunning, whizzing, sprint
Without a trace, without a hint.

Run, mother, run if you must,
I'll relish the moment you choke on my dust.
Rushing, blushing, zippity-zip
Don't trip, don't fall, don't break your hip!

Dashing, crashing, rolling, tumbling,
To see my fleetness must be humbling.
Bolting, bounding, blazing, burning,
Around a corner, steady while turning...

Accelerate, shift, heavy on the gas
Cutting a breeze, as I'm whipping past--
Across the living room with a snappy step,
Bursting with energy, excessively pep!

Gripping, slipping, slashing, spinning,
My apologies, but I think I'm winning!
Bobbing, bailing, ducking, chuckling,
Give up, Mom, your knees are buckling!

Flying like a butterfly, flying like a bee,
There ain't no way, you're catching me!!

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