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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Six pickles in a pan

Six pickles in a pan,
Cook 'em if you can
Slice 'em up, cut 'em up
Can, can, can.
Seal 'em tight, seal 'em tight
Stack 'em in the fridge.
Take 'em out later
For daddy and the kids.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mr. Encouragement

Hi what's your name?
My name is Encouragement, Mr. Encouragement

Encouragement is is what I am
To encourage is what I do
It's for me and It's for you
To Encourage is my full time job and it's great!

I like to find people who are downtrodden
Crushed with anxieties and fear
the opressed, those in despair
the downcast, hopeless, fainthearted
the weak and strong alike

No one can resist the power of encouragement
No one can resist or dispel me
I am the power of encouragement

When I leave every heart  is lifted up
Hope in every bone has risen up
the downcast have risen a mile
with a glimmer and a smile

I am the power of encouragement
Encouragement is what I am
To Encourage is what I do
It's for me and for you
It is my full time job

You need me
Everyone does
And when I come
I wont let you down


Be encouraged

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Aloha Blogosphere!

Are you ready to tackle a new day full of adventures?  Who knows what the day will behold.  But hey I'm sure it'll be exciting.  Still reading Writing fiction for dummies.   What an awesome read, very well written.  Love the approach.  Brainstorming about the whole novel thing.  It's quite overwhelming but exciting and fun at the same time.  Can't quite explain it.

We'll talk later.


Monday, March 7, 2011

How creative are you?

How creative are you?  Can you write about anything? In a shortened period of time?  Ha ha! see if you can stand the challenge.  And you don't have to a "writer" to participate.  Just put on your creative cap and see what come out!

It can be a poem, short story, etc.

Test you creative juices by following the prompts below.  But don't worry this is not a real test.

1.  All prompts must be completed within 30 minutes or less
2.  Cannot use already written pieces.
3.  You must write it yourself
4.  You must write on one or more prompts
4.  Let your creative juices flow!

A.  Dinosaurs

B.  Time

C.  Door lock

D.  Oatmeal

E.  Chair

Friday, March 4, 2011

Pen, Pencils, and Paper

My mind is very active in considering my next piece.  Novel?  Short story?  Poem?  All the above?
Reading Writing fiction for dummies right now.  Very helpful.  Great writers not only are creative with tons of ideas, but they have great writing craft as well.  I think this would set them apart from everyone else.  Every Joe Schmoe who wants to write a book.  But the Good writers know how to put it into words and craft it like an electrifying sculptor on a mission.  Well that is my next mission.   HaHa.  Special agent X has just received his mission.  Like a marine, or special operative with a deadly pen.  Or maybe three weapons.  Pen, pencils, and paper.  Yes!  Pen, pencils, and paper.  I've been wanting to use that title now for awhile.  These are the weapons of every writer.  Although some are more adept at wielding the sword than others.  But that's okay.   Touchez!

By the way the weapons are symbolic and not actual, for there are many weapons and platforms for everyone.  Of Course Hemingway couldn't sit down on his laptop and go to to edit his next piece.  Or his blackberry, Android, etc.  Pen, pencils and paper!  Wield the sword with precision, craft (not macaroni kraft) like a skilled carpenter working on his last piece....

oops, sorry, gotta jump in the shower.