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Monday, August 29, 2011

Love's Rapture

Raptured by the moons
Steady gaze
Amid a starlit sky
That night
Our hearts laid bare
Drawn forever nigh

Moonlit Romance (Shadorma)

Our moonlit romance,
Silken words
Sultry hearts set ablaze in
Love’s resplendent fire?

Love's Wake

Once a bitter conquest
Tainted for love's whisper

Your voice is heard
In the shadow

In the hollows of the night
Under the moon's
Sprinkled rays

A calm light is seen
Witnessed in the wake

Soft grays
Silver meek words

Slip betwixt
Stirred hearts

Into rippled romance
Resounding in the depths

Of love's wake

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nature’s Wild Card (Alphabetic Poem)

Absolutely atrocious
Being battered by
Calamities causing
Deep distress
Eastern earthquakes
Frantic families
Gallant guardsman
Helping hands
In Irene’s
Jeering jaws
Keen kiss
Lamenting losses
Mourning memories
New York, North Carolina
Observing Oblivion
Producing Pandemonium
Questions, quanderies
Radical reasoning
Still sounding
Why Weather

Go away Irene (Shadorma)

Irene breaks
Hurricane rains strewn
Millions flee
A boy dies from fallen tree
Please change the channel

A Would be Napper (Shadorma)

Two contrived
a would be napper
from his sleep

Dad versus
a toddler and babe tag-team
A conspiracy

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The equilibrium of life

The equilibrium of life is the ever constant dynamic flow of internal and external changes
that spontaneously takes place within us and the environment
physically, psychologically, and spiritually in all things.
Whenever this flow is interrupted or stops
there is not only imbalance but an unrest in
our being that leads to a deep
severe unhappiness and a
bitter dysfunctional state.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Escape, elude
that’s my attitude
in conflict or feud
or a hairy dude
retreat, withdrawn
like a scrawny fawn
be strong, be bold
tis’ what I’ve been told
but sometimes
you just can’t stand
on your own two feet
bitin’ your lip
sufferin’ defeat
or maybe not defeat
but you use your feet
not to fight but flight
and fly I say
out of mind, out of sight
and out of harms way
kinda safe and sound
half way outta town
keep going , escape
like a Ford I say
hit the gas, don’t look
and don’t delay
click the turbo
set the jet boosters
zippin’ past farms,
horses, roosters
Yes sometimes escape
is the only way