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Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Subtle Victory

A Subtle Victory

All it took was one blow
My day had knocked me out
Like a man in a drunken stupor
Intoxicated with the dejection of my day
I stumbled, looking for encouragement
Something to numb the pain
Something to take the edge off the affliction of my heart
An anesthetic to induce insensibility

I tried to ignore the wounds
But too stricken with grief
And quickly hemorrhaging hope
Nothing to bind the discharge
I'm left with the hopelessness of my inner being
There is nothing left for my heart to pump
My heart had stopped but a moment
I danced with the despair of death

Resuscitated only to remember the pain
And the agony of defeat
Yes, defeated by circumstance
The seemingly random arrows of circumstance
Piercing the heart
The mind, emotion, and will

Shall I be defeated by these arrows?
With their deep piercing tips?
Laced with the deadly poison of misery?
Shall I be slighted by the uncertainty of the day
And suffer the Agony of defeat?

My depths were touched
My heart strings were pulled
And Sour notes of gloom were heard
Songs I don't care to hear

But I called upon thy name O'Lord
Out of a low dungeon
And I touched you in a time of need
Again only to realize
The Joy of the Lord is my strength
You O' Lord are my joy and song
You O' Lord are my victory

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