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Saturday, April 7, 2012



She was elderly, greyed with wisdom
Silvered with life experiences
He, on the other hand, was a young lad,
A timid little sapling moist with morning's fresh dew
His leaflets unfurled, His buds blossoming anew
These two met in a home for seniors who immediately 
Struck an affinity for one another's company
She was aphasic, robbed of the spoken word
From a previous stroke that left 
It's impression upon her speech
Which was largely garbled and unintelligible at best
But they always were on the same page and never missed a beat
He understood her furrowed brow, her lively gestures, her brilliant index
Most importantly, he understood her heart
So they lived, they loved, they laughed
And boy, did they laugh
The boy had many friends and acquaintances there in that home
But She was always His favorite read
They had a grand old time whenever they were together
Day by day, page by page they had many chapters 
And together they wrote a bestseller

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