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Sunday, April 1, 2012



Dear Dad,

I regret the fact that I missed your passing...
March 20, 2012-- 5:20 am 
Even though I endured a long and hardy 31 hour trek,
1800 miles non-stop across 8 states without sleep-- 
I still missed you by three hours.
You were so close, yet so far away,
so untouchable, unreachable.
and now this moment would be unforgettable,
indelibly etched, engraved on my heart
cracked and riven.

You had already made your departure from
"Heaven on earth" as you called it, Arizona.
the moment I received that text and
those words flashed across my cell:
"Dad passed this morning," was nothing less than Hell on Earth.
Down the 17, through the San Francisco peaks, 
across Happy Valley road without a smile,
it seemed like it would never end--
skirting mountain after mountain, I envied their stability,
jealous over their steadfastness,
while I toppled over in anguished tearful tyranny
hemmed in by desert lands parched and deprived 
while I lie soused in a sea of hapless emotion...

But I knew it was your time to go.
my only regret is that I wish we could've  connected more.

Anyways, I love you, Dad.  

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