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Monday, March 5, 2012


Do you know what I fear most?
Losing you
The preciousness of
Your hazeled eyes
The fullness of your countenance
Warmth of your embrace
Intonation of your lovely voice
Loping tears down your crystal face
Even they are most desirable
Like a lion who seeks it’s prey
Like the youthful 
Dawn determined
A new and perfect day
Revealing light that bears reflection
Of ardent beauty, diamond ray
Where there is no tommorow, boundary
Permanent passion without decay
Here in the rolling meadows dancing
Where the prancing shadows are still at play
I cannot lose you now
My lovely one
On pleasure’s hill
O’ do let us stay
If we were ever separated
and you so far, far  away
I’d still tune in to love’s frequency
Electric spectrum
receive your comeliness
bask your ray
My heart is faint
And twisted
Weak and wrenched
with fear
Vulnerably contesting
this thought
but simply
unable to hear
That I would
My love

Poetic Bloomings Prompt:  Fear

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