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Friday, March 4, 2011

Pen, Pencils, and Paper

My mind is very active in considering my next piece.  Novel?  Short story?  Poem?  All the above?
Reading Writing fiction for dummies right now.  Very helpful.  Great writers not only are creative with tons of ideas, but they have great writing craft as well.  I think this would set them apart from everyone else.  Every Joe Schmoe who wants to write a book.  But the Good writers know how to put it into words and craft it like an electrifying sculptor on a mission.  Well that is my next mission.   HaHa.  Special agent X has just received his mission.  Like a marine, or special operative with a deadly pen.  Or maybe three weapons.  Pen, pencils, and paper.  Yes!  Pen, pencils, and paper.  I've been wanting to use that title now for awhile.  These are the weapons of every writer.  Although some are more adept at wielding the sword than others.  But that's okay.   Touchez!

By the way the weapons are symbolic and not actual, for there are many weapons and platforms for everyone.  Of Course Hemingway couldn't sit down on his laptop and go to to edit his next piece.  Or his blackberry, Android, etc.  Pen, pencils and paper!  Wield the sword with precision, craft (not macaroni kraft) like a skilled carpenter working on his last piece....

oops, sorry, gotta jump in the shower.



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