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Monday, March 7, 2011

How creative are you?

How creative are you?  Can you write about anything? In a shortened period of time?  Ha ha! see if you can stand the challenge.  And you don't have to a "writer" to participate.  Just put on your creative cap and see what come out!

It can be a poem, short story, etc.

Test you creative juices by following the prompts below.  But don't worry this is not a real test.

1.  All prompts must be completed within 30 minutes or less
2.  Cannot use already written pieces.
3.  You must write it yourself
4.  You must write on one or more prompts
4.  Let your creative juices flow!

A.  Dinosaurs

B.  Time

C.  Door lock

D.  Oatmeal

E.  Chair

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