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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sort of out of Sorts

November PAD Challenge:  Day 3  Write a "sort of" poem

Sort of out of Sorts
Sort of… out of Sorts
You could say
From the break of dawn until the end of the day
Out of whack, twisted, and all deranged
I often think my life is kind of strange
Bewildered, befuddled a little confused
By the time I reach my computer
To stir up some muse
like old peanut butter in need of a stir
add the oil, elbow grease
It’s all been a blur.
Sorting through words to express my commands
Observing at a distance
The PAD in the stands
Sorting through poems, comments, replies
Sifting each prompt with a smile, with a sigh
Sorting through feelings across many heart strings
Staying in the challenge amongst so many things
Steadfastly unwavering ever constantly
November PAD challenge
It’s only day three!

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