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Monday, November 14, 2011

Poetic Bloomings Prompt #29  Write a love poem

Warm Ponderings

Thinking of you.
and again
and again
with rich
warm ponderings
Still images
effortlessly flowing
to satisfy
a slowly
meditated zeal
with sex appeal
a brewed passion
steeped in desire
from the depths
well beneath
the surface
occupied by you
and you alone
you reside  in this
heart’s trenches
it’s every furrow
avenue, street
your possession
Yes, I am thinking
of you and you alone
helplessly contemplating
your chiseled
robust frame
luscious lips
dressed with want
pressed firmly
along with wandering hands
that know no limit
no boundary
gliding fingers
electric touch
dazzled spines
igniting every nerve
in rapturous fire
once again inflamed
yes, still thinking of you.
so long is a lovers wait
Hope to see you soon…

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