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Thursday, May 5, 2011

"On the other hand Poem"

My prompt has arrived
my heart, content
my palate, satisfied
with the delivery
of another dainty
morsel of
poetic asides

The day has passed
the hour late
Shall I post a poem?
For this I debate

My eyes are heavy
Vision, foggy
Thoughts, cloudy
Endurance depleted
But in my chair
I'm still seated
Still trying to decide
Sleep or post?
On Poetic Asides

In my left hand is my forehead
In my right is my pen
I've decided
I must write, and write,
and write again

I've been torn in half
Right down the middle
One half is sleep
the other rhymes in riddle

On one hand is my head
upholding its weight
On the other hand poem
even though its late

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