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Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'm leaving but not gone

I may shy away for a time
veil myself from the crowd
contemplate, speculate

Step back and ponder anew
every gem
of the PAD thats through

Let each of your words
grow, take root
rob the PAD of its gems
clean house, gain loot

Of Kings and Queens
of Knights how royal
of a thirty day trial
yet olympic spoil

I've cultivated an appetite
for the daily prompt
But now, I'll starve
at least for a week
The daily bread
I wish, I seek

Those dainty morsels
those sweet-coined cakes
that mustered poets
collectively makes

There is a time to greet
for when we meet
Just as a time to weep and cry
A time to say hi or a goodbye
Even though we all shrug and sigh

There is a time to leave
and a time to grieve
We're all leaving...
but not gone.