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Sunday, February 20, 2011

A is for apple

A is for apple, red, delicious
A is for appetite, strong, voracious
A is for Aaron, Allen and Amy
A is in David, Abbey or Jamie

A is for Apt, Adept, Adapt
Arithmetic, Algebra, Add, Subtract

A is for a, indefinite, anything
A is the first, adequate, accomplishing

A is flexible it can adjust
A is Adamant won't bend, won't bust

A is awesome we'd admit
Adorning, Adorable, classy, with wit

A is for Adjective, quick to describe
Advancing, Advising, Advert, Ascribe

A is Adrenaline that gives you energy
It can Adjoin, Adjure for synergy

A is for all, everything the best
It sticks like Adhesive and adheres the rest

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