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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Old and New Creation

God created the Heavens and the Earth
Out from whom, all things have birth
In the beginning was God's Creation
In six days a wondrous sensation

The first man, Adam and such was he
In God's image, God-kind to be
Placed in Eden before two trees
Little did he know only one would please

One of knowledge, the other of life
A source of blessing, and a source of strife
Instructed by God concerning eating
The life of God Adam was needing

Quickly came the serpents deception
Eve brought in sins' inception
One man created by God was he
Contaminated thus humanity

His creation a once sensation
spoiled now in sin's temptation
What to do? Give up would He?
Something splendorous for all to see

The Creator becomes a creature
Human and Divine now his feature
The Trinity partakes of creation
He to be our sin oblation

What a wondrous sight to see
That he would be a man like me
God and Man in Christ are joined
Thus the Bible a term has coined

The New Creation is what matters
Christ is the new, He is the latter
All things were crucified through Him
From the center to the rim

The Last Adam died did He
Freed us from sin, from Adam we're free!
In Resurrection He became
The Life Giving Spirit, no death, no shame

Life in the Spirit is what we needed
Life by knowledge once we heeded
God has raised Jesus from the dead
Reject old Adam, live by Christ instead

Producing new from the old you see
It's resurrected humanity
God is not for the old creation
He brought about it's termination

The new creation is what matters
Christ is the new, He is the latter
Tis not single, but corporate entity
Restored God-Kind collectively

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