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Monday, February 27, 2012

My Mobile Haven

I love my car
My mobile haven
A paradise on wheels
And ecstasy in motion
Although when stationary
its just as therapeutic
Shifting gears to park my soul
and slightly roll the windows
allowing rich gentle sounds
of the surroundings to penetrate
my psyche and have access to
Massage my inner being
The train at  a distance
the dog barking faintly from afar
The variation of wind
from violent to soft rustle
swaying branches bushes boughs and leaf
helpless against its power
They offer no resistance
But a sweet musical yielding
that aides me through the day


  1. "Shifting gears to park my soul" - love that!

    Great job on this one. I also love the refuge of my car, although the music is usually too loud for me to hear anything going on around me.

    1. Lol! Hey thanks Mary. I had this mental image of you "jamming" to some tunes in your car.