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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Plus & Minus

There is plus and and there is Minus
Like a blanket and that boy Linus
Cozy Carl and Anxious Amy
Put em’ together?
Not if you paid me
Simple Simon and Complex Carrie
You stay here
I’ll take the ferry
Conservative Cathy and Sammy Spender
This is a definite fender bender
Pessimistic Penny and Carefree Chris
How long do you think
They’ll put up with this?
Messy Mike and Tidy Terri
who would’ve thunk
these two would marry?
For every rose there comes a thorn
For every plus and minus born
Like with the rain there is the cloud
Beside the humble there is the proud
Like Happy Hank and Sad Sally
With every peak there comes a valley
For every right there is a wrong
For every tear there is a song
And a wrong for every right
Like a day for every night
There is simply balance in everything
and in everything there is balance
There is a plus for every minus
and a minus for every plus
Thus they cancel each other out
And then,
there is nothing

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