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Sunday, June 5, 2011

An Old Acquaintance

Upon entering his room
there he was
on his side
sickly, writhing in pain
jawbones jutted
cheeks collapsed
eyes fixated on vanity

Little to no response
as I called his name
nothing but a grimace or grunt
and gazing upon him
I knew and remembered
who he was
An old acquaintance
Someone I don't like
to see very often
I recognize him,
that face
You came to take away
my friend
and have succeeded
You won, this time

Well, Death
I have one thing to say to you
and that is
Your end will come
and your time is near
when your reign will be no more
and your authority will be relinquished
So don't pride yourself in taking away my friend
Maybe one day he will rise again
Then what will you do?
You will be openly put to shame
But only time will tell of your defeat

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